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XML DOM Clone Nodes


Try it Yourself - Examples

The examples below use the XML file books.xml.

Copy a node and append it to an existing node
This example uses cloneNode() to copy a node and append it to the root node of the XML document



Copy a Node

The cloneNode() method creates a copy of a specified node.

The cloneNode() method has a parameter (true or false). This parameter indicates if the cloned node should include all attributes and child nodes of the original node.

The following code fragment copies the first <book> node and appends it to the root node of the document:


oldNode = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('book')[0];
newNode = oldNode.cloneNode(true);


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Example explained:

  1. Suppose "books.xml" is loaded into xmlDoc
  2. Get the node to copy (oldNode)
  3. Clone the node into "newNode"
  4. Append the new node to the the root node of the XML document