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XSLT <xsl:attribute-set> Element

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Definition and Usage

The <xsl:attribute-set> element creates a named set of attributes. The attribute-set can be applied as whole to the output document.

Note: Must be child of <xsl:stylesheet> or <xsl:transform>.


name="name" use-attribute-sets="name-list">

  <!-- Content:xsl:attribute* -->



Attribute Value Description
name name Required. Specifies the name of the attribute-set
use-attribute-sets name-list Optional. A white space separated list of other attribute-sets to use in the attribute-set

Example 1

Create an attribute-set that can be applied to any output element:

<xsl:attribute-set name="font">
  <xsl:attribute name="fname">Arial</xsl:attribute>
  <xsl:attribute name="size">14px</xsl:attribute>
  <xsl:attribute name="color">red</xsl:attribute>

XSLT Element Reference Complete XSLT Element Reference